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Even super-serious me has to have fun every once in a while.

Even super-serious me has to have fun every now and then.

Jeannette Louise Smith is a life-long resident of Arlington, Virginia. As an Animal Advocacy Writer for Examiner.com, Jeannette is dedicated to making a positive impact locally, nationally, and worldwide to promote peaceful coexistence and improve human-animal and human-human relationships. Click here to read her online Animal Advocacy column on Examiner.com.

As the Official Reporter for the 2013 Anti-Fur Society Animal Rights Conference, Jeannette featured a variety of Conference Speakers and Guest Performers in her Animal Advocacy column on Examiner.com.

A former dog daycare manager and companion animal care provider, Jeannette is an independent Professional Dog Walker specializing in one-on-one care according to individual companion animal needs, personalities, and walking styles in Shirlington, Fairlington, and the Claremont Community. Click here to read her Fur-Ever Friends and Pit Bull Pals service page.

Jeannette volunteers for King Street Cats, a free-roaming feline orphanage in Alexandria, Virginia.  Committed to force-free living, Jeannette is a  member of the Pet Professional Guild / The Association for Force Free Pet Professionals .

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